>> Thursday

You are invited to the super secret, super cool, super laid back.. jeng jeng jeng:

Tumpang Glamour's FIRST party !

Mustache night!! Remember to bring a fake mustache or we're gonna draw one on your face

DJ Glamour
DJ Tumpang
DJ Mata Mata
DJ Nr. 13

not forgetting Guest DJs
DJ Pony

We will not play fucking hitz.fm music! So expect something different and definitely crazy..

INKED tattoo parlor
Sunway, opposite M.O.S


5(?) Things to bring to the party (without which you will NOT be allowed to enter... so you can stand outside and cry while we have fun inside):

+RM1 door donation (goes to the Furry Friends Farm fund)
+Fake mustache
+Newspaper ! Big bundles of them!
+Your fucking namecard.. bring a piece of paper with your name and email add for all we care!
+Booze (?)


Who and what the fuck is Tumpang Glamour??!!

We are a group of friends/ wannabe DJs/ wannabe rockstars/ wannabe orang femes but tak jadi so we just tumpang on someone else's fame...

Tired of wasted weekends at clubs full of old perverts and boobie baring barbies, we've decided to plan the Malam Tumpang Glamor night, inspired by infamous underground parties in Europe.


Our motto(s):
-Chillax and have fun while boozing and listening to underground/ independent music
-No fucking dresscode except for our THEME (aka fake mustache)
-Go Green, hence collecting newspapers for recycling, and all money collected will go to a charity (FFF)
-Kami semua glamor, ok??!